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Why? The Better Question is Why Not?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

One question we get asked all the time at MeCycle is why would someone scan their recycling? Why would they take an extra 1 min (tops) per day to do an extra step?

What we are finding is that there are really two major motivations. The first is our promise that MeCycled materials will not go to landfills or oceans. With over 71% of plastic bottles and 54% of aluminum cans ending up in our natural environment, we have so many people saying "enough". That can't be right. We can't be polluting our world like that and I will take the 1 min to MeCycle so that what I consume will not be subjected to that fate. To that motivation we say - amen.

We have another segment of people that say they are motivated by the "found money". It's not big bucks, but why throw money away (literally, throw it away if you put it in curbside recycling) when you can easily get it from the comfort of your own home. A little extra to treat yourself on a bad day. Or a way to give it to a charity you care about. Or even, a way to make your kids earn their allowance. We've heard so many reasons why the found money is a motivator.

And of course, there are folks that are motivated by both. Save the earth and make a buck? What could be better. Have fun (yep, we said fun) scanning, watch your MeCycle wallet grow and know that it is not going to landfill? Boom.

So - we say to the question "why?", a resounding "why not?". It only takes 1 min a day to do the right thing for the planet, make a few bucks and have a little fun.

With our pilot going strong and expansion plans brewing, we are getting so excited to get to work answering the question "why?" so that everyone will soon see that "why not?" is really the right question to ask.

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