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Don't We Need More Than 1HR?

It's "earth hour" today. We're supposed to turn our lights off at home at 8;30 pm tonight for an hour. To give the earth a breather. To conserve energy and to think about the impact of our consumption on the world.

That's so cool. We applaud earth hour. And at MeCycle we always say that we need "all the things" to help stop polluting our planet and slow global climate change. But instead of earth hour, how about really recycling right - something that the average household does over five times a DAY. Recycling right means returning any bottles and cans that have deposits so that they can stay out of landfills.

Returning has become something that many households don't do because it's easier to throw bottles and cans in a bin. Hopefully the recycling bin, but often the trash. Just walk by any trash bin anywhere and you will see it full of plastic bottles and aluminum cans. That stuff end up in landfill. Really think about it - you drink something (maybe that takes you 5 minutes) and now it lives for over 1000 years in a landfill (if plastic was invented 1000 years ago - we'd be seeing bottles from the 1200's). And the truth of the matter, scientists are unsure if it will ever degrade.

So please, please - return your bottles and cans. You get your money back and save those items from landfills. Better yet, use MeCycle - we let you return from home (we pick it up) AND you can keep OR donate your funds to your community. All with a simple to use app.

Let's make earth hour, earth 5x/day. Because if we can stem the tide of recyclable material going to landfills and oceans, that really will be a thing.

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