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Impact Made Easy

When our first users started MeCycling, they quickly began to ask "how could I donate the funds I collect?". They saw the dollars adding up, that the were literally throwing in the blue bin or trash before and started to think about how they could use them to make an impact.

So MeCycle got to work. We started donating their funds. We've made contributions to the Ocean Conservancy (because we need to clean up the mess we've made with plastic in our oceans) the Schools Foundations (because we need to create future scientists that will help us break our addiction to plastic) and Community Resource centers (because education around recycling and reuse happens at a local level). That was step one.

Now - we are so excited to share that we've gone a step further. We are about to launch our in app donation feature. Where you can skip the step of scanning your items to get cash. You just place them in your digitally enabled MeCycle bag and we will scan them for you, deduct a small fee and donate the rest. With each bag, you can decide to scan/keep your funds or not scan/donate. The choice is yours.

Our best ideas for MeCycling come from our users and we could not be more grateful for all the folks that have joined MeCycle in our first year. As we get ready to expand, we can't wait to do it with the ability to keep or donate and we are proud of our community that is keeping plastic and aluminum out of landfills and oceans. Well done and let's go!

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