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Teens, Tech and Tangible Change

Teens love their technology. They experience their world through their apps. And MeCycle is about to launch it's first school program (we've been waiting a loooooong time for Covid to subside to do this) where teens will use their MeCycle app to identify (just scan the UPC code) and collect recyclable material that have deposits to raise money for their school. Our first school is doing it right. They are creating a competition between classes and making sure the whole community gets involved. By not returning for deposit, bottles and cans that have them - we are literally throwing money in the trash that could be used for our schools, our community or our environment.

Why don't people return bottles and cans, and just put them in a blue bin or the trash instead? Because we are driven by convenience and the money "isn't worth it". But MeCycle makes it so easy. You can collect deposits right on your phone (hello Venmo) and put the items in the easy to spot MeCycle bins that we will place around your school. We then add up your cash and donate to your school.

Sure - may $5-$10 a month isn't "worth it" to you but when you gather up that money, across everyone in your school and put it to programs you care about ALL THE WHILE, helping the environment in a very real and tangible way, isn't it worth it? The one second extra effort to put it in the MeCycle bin instead of the blue bin or the trash?

Teens, tech and MeCycle. Now that is a a winning combination for the environment, your school and hey - who doesn't love a good competition. Can't wait to see what grade wins the MeCycle Madness that will be running in our first school. Teens - there is absolutely an app for that and we can't wait to have you all MeCycling.

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