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Common Questions

Keep vs. Donate

What if I want to keep my deposits on my recycling?

You can certainly keep your deposits instead of donating them.  It's your money.  We do require that if you are keeping your funds, you scan the UPC code of the items before you put them in the bag.  That will put the funds in your wallet and you can claim them via Venmo.

Fees Charged

What fees does MeCycle charge?

MeCycle charges a pick up fee and if you don't want to scan yourself, a scanning fee.  These fees are deducted from your deposits so you never have to pay out of your pocket.  If you drop off there is no pick up fee and if you scan your items before you put them in the bag, there is no scanning fee.

Unverified Items

When I scan items, they sometimes come up as unverified - why does that happen?

We have built a database of over 50,000 items with deposits but sometimes we miss one!  If you get an unverified, follow the steps in the app and we will get it added to the database and if it has a deposit, get you your credit!

New Bags

How do I get a new bag for my recycling?

We always drop off a clean bag when we pick up your full one.  If you want more than one bag, please order one here and we'll get one right out to you.

Deposit Items

What has a deposit?  What doesn't?

Deposit items vary by state but they are clearly marked on the label (for bottles) or on the top (for cans).  For now, MeCycle only takes deposit items as those we can guarantee get recycled properly.  If you put something in your bag that doesn't have a deposit - we'll just let you know that you can put those in your regular recycling going forward.

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