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So, it's only been a week since we started our limited MeCycle pilot and we have learned SO MANY THINGS.

Here's a quick run down.

MeCycling is fun.

Like jump in a puddle when you are kid kind of fun. Once someone downloads and scans their first item, they are hooked. The stories are awesome. We've heard "it's addictive". "I went to a party and I wanted to take the stuff home to scan". "are you going to MeCycle that or can I"?

Folks pretty much knew regular recycling wasn't working.

When you chat with people about recycling you realize that they had a pretty decent feeling that traditional recycling wasn't working. They know throwing everything in one bin doesn't make sense. As one MeCycler said, "I mean, how could it really work? It's just gross". The feeling of being confident that you are recycling right is real. MeCycling gives you confidence.

What we consume, is so, so interesting.

Not going to lie, what we actually consume is so interesting. MeCycle is in a very limited pilot so who knows what this will look like when we roll out nationally but here's what we know after one week.

  • Folks are scanning 2-5 items per day. Seems to be co-related to household size (makes sense).

  • Pandemic boozing is a thing. We see adult beverages in almost every account. Seriously, you are not alone.

  • We looooove sparkling water. Feel like I need to go buy stock in sparkling water companies.

  • Everyone thinks juice and energy drinks should have a deposit. Weird thing is that in NY, the don't. Hey Albany, you might want to look into that.

We'll keep posting fun facts about our data but don't worry MeCyclers, we won't out anyone. Your secrets are safe with us.

And finally, we are a competitive bunch.

On our very first bin drop, our pilot user asked who else was in the program. This person (who shall remain nameless), when hearing who else was piloting immediately stated that he was going to "crush them". In the we can't make this stuff up category, it felt like 60 - 70% of people that are MeCycling are dying to know how they are doing vs. other MeCyclers. We HEARD you. Promise, that feature is now in the works.

So - thank you week 1. Thank you MeCycle pilot users. Can't wait to see what you have in store for week 2.

Week 2 Sneak Peek

Just got the question if someone can bring stuff from the office to home to MeCycle. Our answer - hell yes you can. I proudly admitted that I walk around the 'hood picking up stray cans and bottles to MeCycle (no shopping cart involved) because, well MeCycle fun AND, it is something I can do, today, scratch that - everyday, to do my part to help fight global climate change and ocean plastics.

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