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Virtual Bottle Redemption

Covid-19 will have lasting impacts. We believe that one of those impacts will be a heightened "germphobia". Consumers will not want to put bottles in machines, they will not want to interact with touch screens and they certainly won't want to be in crowded, small spaces with others. Which is why we believe that all bottle bill states will need to offer a virtual redemption option.

Which is why we are building an app that can clearly solve that problem. Where there is no need to physically return bottles to get the credit and where consumers can redeem their deposits from the comfort of their own home.

We need to keep pressing forward with more and more innovative recycling solutions that are built to thrive in the post Covid-19 environment. At MeCycle, we think about the future everyday. As technologists first, we think how consumer technology can completely transform this space.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity for re-invention. Let's make bottle redemption virtual for the benefit of our retailers, their shoppers and of course our communities and environment.

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