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The "Ick" Factor Can Save a Ton

We looooooove bottle deposit programs. 10 states in the US and several countries in Europe and Canada have them and they produce recycling outcomes that are 2-3x (yep, you read that right) better than places that do not have them.

But here we are, in a COVID-19 world and no one wants to have to return a bottle to a machine where, you know - other's people germs may live.

So hey - states that have a bottle deposit program. We looooooooove you. But we know you're struggling with those programs right now. How about trying a germ free, tech enabled solution? One that takes full advantage of curbside and drop off recycling where your citizens can recycle without touching other people's germs AND get their deposit back.

We're ready to chat. We want to help. And, just in case you care - we can save you a ton of money in the process. Like a ton. Anyone feeling a budget squish these days?

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