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Silver Linings

As a new technology enabled company, MeCycle is optimistic. We are optimistic that we can dramatically improve recycling and prevent recyclable packages from going to landfills and oceans. We are optimistic that when folks download our app (coming this fall!) they will love the experience and use it to get credits everyday. And we are of course optimistic that brands will come on the platform to support their commitments to sustainability. But with the world in a pandemic led crisis, it feels hard to keep that optimism. So - today, we thought we would spend some time thinking about the sliver linings in this global health crisis.

1. The Earth Is Getting A Break

We're seeing the stories develop everyday. Our stay at home policies are reducing pollution. There are fish back in the canals in Venice. The stars are brighter at night. Mother Nature seems to be saying thank you for this respite and we are hoping that when this is all over and we return to "normal" it is a new normal, where we are kinder and gentler with our physical world.

2. Families are Reconnecting

All around the world, families are reconnecting. They are taking walks, playing catch, doing puzzles, cooking, lingering at the dinner table and telling stories. Of course they are worried, and thinking about their future, but it is so wonderful to see them living in the moments they have together as we are all told to stay home.

3. We Are Waking Up and Showing Up

Nothing like a global crisis to make everyone realize that we have to work together. That we have to help older friends and relatives. That we have to unblock the supply chain. That we have to support people we know that are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. That we have to share important information quickly and do what is asked of us. That focusing on differences seems silly when we need to focus on helping our fellow man.

MeCycle is optimistic. But so is the human race. So let's use that optimism to get through this together and come out stronger on the other side.

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