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Recycling is Carbon Reduction

Many outlets reported yesterday on a new report that shows humans are responsible for global climate change.

You can read the details here:

We've been seeing it all year. Rising temperatures, burning forests and floods. It's go-time folks. We have to reduce our carbon footprint and we have to do it now. We have to stop our collective madness. And by we, I mean each and everyone one of us.

One way every single person can reduce their carbon is to stop using plastic. But that, frankly is a near impossible request. The other way is to ensure that the plastic we do use is 1. Recyclable (up to 60% of plastic packaging cannot be recycled) and 2. The stuff that can be recycled, is recycled properly. Recycled plastic and aluminum are proven to use almost 90% LESS carbon than producing new plastic. And, if plastic bottles are returned, instead of being put in a curbside bin where they are mixed up with other things, they can most often be recycled as food-grade packaging, so that they can be recycled as another bottle.

Every bottle you consume, that you put in your garbage or your traditional recycling bin contributes to our warming planet. Every, single one. And our data has shown, that most households drink 1200 beverages a year. That's 200 BILLION bottles each year and 152 BILLION of them end up in landfills our oceans.

Stop the madness. One very small thing (putting them in your MeCycle bag) can change this outcome. And, bonus points - you can keep or donate your deposit funds and help our collectors earn a living wage.

Recycling is carbon reduction. It really is. It's an easy thing you can do TODAY to stop the madness.

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