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Oh So Beautiful

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This weekend the MeCycle team was mesmerized. We spent all day looking at it. We couldn't get enough. We kept hitting refresh.

What were we gazing at, lovingly? It was our brand new MeCycle data dashboard. Now that we have a bunch of pilot users, scanning away and filling their MeCycle bins, the data has started to flow. And with our sparkly new data interface (thanks Greg) we are going to town. Trending, cross-tabbing and graphing. Looking at all the data and all of its glory.

Do people recycle more on weekend? Do they bunch and recycle a bunch of items at once? What are they consuming? Who's bin is filling the fastest? Is anyone getting tired of scanning? Are we seeing established patterns in their consumption? Are others in the house getting in on the MeCycle fun? Are we seeing more plastic, aluminum or glass?

So many questions, and now we have answers. Beautiful, wonderful answers. Streaming through that awesome data set. We can see exactly how much material we have diverted from landfills. Soon, we're going to be able to let users know what that means in terms of CO2 diversion. We can see exactly how popular those cute little 7.5 oz soda cans are vs. their 12 oz cousins. We know what percent of beer consumption is craft brews vs. mainstream brands and we are even starting to be able to see if people are loyal to seltzer flavors over brands (we see you raspberry lime drinkers).

We cannot WAIT (see how excited we are) to be able to build each and every MeCycler a personalized dashboard so that they can see exactly how awesome they are in doing the recycling thing.

And for the rest of that gorgeous data, we're just watching you grow. Sorry - have to go hit refresh :)

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