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Hey - State Legislators. Want a Win?

It feels like a tough time to be a state legislator these days. So many problems and it seems like it is getting harder and harder to be an effective policy maker, especially if you have to reach across the aisle to do it.

But you are sitting on a strong win. A policy that consumers embrace no matter what their party affiliation (at a 75%+ support rate), that is a major win for global climate issues AND can help improve the economics of the system it supports. With no public sector push back.

What is this mythical policy?

It's a recycling incentive system - using the MeCycle application. MeCycle offers a recycling incentive platform that costs NOTHING for manufacturers and retailers and offers real, economic benefits to municipal recycling programs. No equipment necessary. Regions have complete flexibility on what is covered so it can be tailored to local needs. And - real time data to improve the system in general. What's not to love.

You want a win. We want a win. Your voters want a win. We would be happy to do a specific economic analysis on how much your jurisdiction can benefit from our program.

Here's to winning.

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