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Covid-19 Good Karma

We're a very new company working to keep recyclable containers out of our landfills and oceans by giving you and incentive to recycle. We believe deeply in this mission and often work dawn to dusk making it a reality.

But we're watching Covid-19 spin the world like it's a child's toy. It feels like everywhere you turn you read something that makes you more concerned about your health, your family, your friends and your finances. And you know that every other person on this earth is feeling the exact same way.

So what can we do other than socially distance ourselves? We believe that our superpower as humans is, humanity. That we can be kind, helpful, cheerful, empathetic and sympathetic. That in short - we can throw out good karma into the world because heavens knows we could all use some.

Recycling is good karma so don't forget that by ensuring your things go in a proper bin, clean and ready to go is being helpful and empathetic. Our planet needs the hug you can't currently reach out to your friends to give.

Please stay safe and spread the positive karma. Everyone could use a heaping dose.

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