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California Needs Help

It's been a tough year for California. Never ending wildfires, a tough Covid-19 outbreak and now, a failing container deposit return system. The pandemic has done a number of bottle return systems. There are not enough return centers in most states, especially in the densely populated Golden State and when they had to shut down for the pandemic, things got messy.

But - what if you could get the bottle return fee, using an app and then place the bottle in the regular curbside or drop off recycling center in town? Wouldn't that be easier? Cheaper? Faster? Easier to manage?

It sure would be and since technology has helped solve so many problems in the world (and created a few too in fairness) - it can absolutely help with bottle return systems. Even in California.

You deserve a break California. Here's to a much better 2021 across the board - including a much healthier and more cost effective bottle return system.

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