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Build Back Better

Don't know about all of you but I'm starting to realize that Covid-19 is not a thing that is going to disappear. We are entering a "new normal" where we will have to think about global health crises. That we have to plan for the catastrophic. And that we can't just keep bumping along, watching our world get torn apart. We have to come together, work together and build back better than where we have been.

And, as daunting as it seems, we need to build back better on the environment. We have to stop dumping recyclable materials in landfills and oceans and use what works (incentives and curbside pick up programs) to create a more circular economy. Sprinkle a little technology in there so we can do it all in a much more cost effective way and voila!, we have built back better.

Better outcomes at a lower cost? Who doesn't love that. A little innovation, a lot of hard work and a team determined to get it done. That's building. That's better.

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