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And The Earth Took a Breath

MeCycle is a New York based company. We are watching, hearts breaking as our hometown is struggling with the virus. As families are deeply suffering and as health care workers are risking everything to help.

But as all that darkness unfolds with this respiratory disease we have noticed that we are seeing the earth take a deep breath. We are hearing and seeing more birds, we can see further across the horizon, and the air we are breathing just feels better. We are seeing our future right now - a future where we do things that let the planet breath. That reduce pollution, that use less resources, that allow us to protect our earth for millions of years to come.

Do we hate that it has taken a global pandemic to experience this? Of course we do. But sometimes systems need a shock to find their way again. Let's turn this breath into a new way of life. A life where we recycle at high rates and ensure that nothing that can be recycled goes to landfills or oceans. A life where we pollute less and clean more. Let's learn and grow from this crisis. It is the least we can do to respect all of our fellow citizens that have lost their lives to this horrible disease. It's what we must do to help prevent climate related crises that may even be more devastating in our future.

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