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A Platform Based On Partnership

As entrepreneurs, you run toward big, hard problems. And as we have run toward an industry that has been in crisis for the last several years, we keep getting told - love your platform but "my company doesn't want to go first". We need everyone to be in the same boat. We can't put ourselves at a disadvantage.

And to be honest, we get that. You have a business to run and even though you have important sustainability goals, anything that puts you at a competitive disadvantage is a hard pill to swallow.

So let's partner up. Let's put the powerful triad of an awesome consumer application, with public partnership (states and municipalities, we need you!) and private company support to really make this work.

Let's bring recycling out of the 1980's (don't worry, we have the 80's saved as a play list on our music apps) and stop dumping a truck per min (see our last post) of recyclable material into our oceans.

Consumers, public sector and private sector all working together like three friends hanging out, having fun before we had to stay six feet apart. Amen to that.

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