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A Dump Truck A Min - WTF?

We think about recycling a lot. We read about it a lot. And we care about it a lot. But when we came across a study that says we are pouring a dump truck worth of recyclable material into our ocean each minute of each day, it literally blew our mind. We knew it was bad - but that bad? What are we doing to our planet? To our food chain? To our beaches? To our turtle, whale and fish friends? WTF are we doing?

After outrage comes courage. So - we took a deep breath and a 100% re-commitment to what we are doing here at MeCycle. Creating an easy to use application that cities or states can easily adopt to create a virtual package recovery system (we've been calling them bottle deposit systems since the 80's but we can cover ANY package that is recyclable, not just bottles).

So - take that dump truck of crap. We are going to stop you from backing up into our oceans and help our users express their intent. We are going to ask our communities to support us. Back that truck up to a facility that will recycle our things into new things. Get away from our ocean. We have the courage to change this and change it we will.

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