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21st Century Makeover

Guest Author Emmett Novick (MeCycle Intern)

Every business in America is getting a 21st century makeover. We are digitizing everything and consumers are reaping the benefits of speed, ease of use and access.

The Recycling Partnership found that 84% of Americans agree that recycling is a valuable public service. For an essential service as important as recycling, it makes sense to harness the power and convenience of a mobile app to educate people on the importance of recycling. That makes MeCycle the 21st century solution to educating people as to why they should recycle, and providing specific guidelines they should be following for their city or state.

But the other key benefit that MeCycle offers is a monetary incentive. Attaching compensation to recycling taps into one of the most effective and time tested ways to change people's behavior.

Paying people to recycle has worked wonders for raising recycling rates, as evidenced by the bottle bills that place a five- or ten-cent deposit on beverage bottles in ten states. Expanding incentives to include other recyclables, coupled with MeCycle’s ability to educate consumers, combine to make MeCycle uniquely situated to address the set of issues facing the recycling industry. It's going to be quite the makeover.

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