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From this moment, you have the power to keep plastic and aluminum from landfills and oceans
Make Your
Recycling Matter

Your Recycling Can Change The World

Ensure Nothing to Landfills or Oceans

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Donate to Causes in Your Community

Support Living Wages

Here's How It Works

No Credit Card Needed


Put bottles and cans in your

re-useable MeCycle bag

Bottles and cans make up about half of your recycling and often have deposits.  If they are returned, they never go to landfill or end up in our oceans.  MeCycle returns your bottles and cans, pays living wages to our collectors and donates (or pays you if you want to keep the funds) what's left.  

Mineral Water
White Van


Schedule a pick-up or find a drop-off spot

By scheduling a pick-up* when your bag is full, you are helping our collectors be efficient so they can earn a living wage.  Just tell us where you are leaving it and we'll grab it when you want us to.

Serving zip codes 10576, 10538, 10543 and 10801

See your impact

Your MeCycling does two things.  It supports organizations in your community, and it provides raw material for recycled bottles.  It's a complete win, win for your community and the earth.


Clear Shreds.jpeg
Volunteers Cleaning Beach
Everyday, over


of your bottles and cans go to landfills or our oceans


Run by Garbage Companies

​Traditional recycling is run by waste management companies.  Recycling is less than 7% of their revenue so they have little incentive help us figure it out.





MeCycle's only business is recycling.

Co-Mingled and Contaminated

They put everyone's recycling in the back of a garbage truck.  You may rinse, but your neighbor?  Maybe not.  If one bin is contaminated, the truck gets contaminated.  Sad but true.

MeCycle processes bags.  We never co-mingle your stuff with someone else's.

Not Made in USA

For many years waste haulers have been sending our recycling to China.  A few years ago, they banned our recycling (it was too contaminated) so now, they are scrambling to process recycling in the USA.​

MeCycle is proudly processes all its recycling in the USA.

All Mixed Up

​They ask us to mix everything in one bin.  Up to 40% has to get thrown out because it can't be sorted properly.





MeCycle doesn't mix bottles & cans with food or other packaging. 

Not Really Recycling

Much of what we put in the bin, can't actually be recycled.  Bottles and cans can easily be recycled properly.  Take out containers?  It's iffy.

MeCycle only takes bottles and cans.  100% guaranteed to be recycled properly.

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