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Traditional Recycling is Struggling 

71% of plastic bottles and 54% of aluminum cans
end up in landfills or oceans  

Park Bench ?

MeCycle Gets Reborn - Never Landfilled

MeCycle only takes items we are sure we can get reborn into something awesome.  No landfills or oceans for our recycling.  

A soft t-shirt

It only takes 17 bottles to make enough fiber for a t-shirt

A Craft Brew
Most aluminum cans, become new cans, in just a few months.

How It Works

Scan Items
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With the MeCycle app, scan an item. If it can be MeCycled, you get cash to keep or donate.

Register Bin

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Register your items in a MeCycle bin to ensure they get to the right place to be reborn.

See Your Impact


See how much carbon you are reducing and how much material you are diverting from landfills and oceans.

The MeCycle Story

A walk by the beach, looking at washed up plastic bottles got us to really wondering why they were there.  After a year of research and learning everything we could about recycling, we grew confident that the best ideas from around the world could help  build a better system.

Deposits (because who doesn't love cash back?) made easy to claim with an app and clean, tidy bins (made of recycled plastic of course) could together create a modern recycling system that really works.

We all deserve a future where we stop plastic and aluminum from going to landfills and oceans.  That future depends on putting you in control.  It's time to change the game.  It's time to MeCycle, the easy way to recycle right.

Meet The Team

Mark Manley

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Mark Manley MeCycle Co-Founder

Mark is our Clean Tech / Sustainability expert.  Mark loves food in general but lattes are his current obsession.

Greg Avola


  • Greg Aveloa

Greg is our technical expert.  As the former CTO and Co-Founder of Untappd, Greg guides us to make MeCycling delightful (and wicked fast)

Ainslie Simmonds


  • Ainslie Simmonds MeCycle Co-Founder

Ainslie is our and Product expert as the former CPO for two successful fin-techs LearnVest & thinkorswim.

Kristina Rogers


  • Kristina Rogers

At EY Kristina challenges the biggest brands in the world to evolve with the consumer.  And, she advises MeCycle on strategic partnerships. 

Leslea Snyder

Gov't and Policy

  • Leslea Snyder - Head of Policy MeCycle

Leslea is our Policy and Gov't Affairs expert.  She has a serious sparkling water addiction (thank god for MeCycle).

Ana Mahony


  • Ana Mahony

As one of the OG's at Uber Eats, Ana knows how to move goods at scale.  She is helping defining super efficient service for MeCycle 

David Lennie

Data and Analytics

  • David Lennie

David IS big data.  Shopify, Netflix and now MeCycle.  He is a highly involved dog dad to an incredible French Bulldog.


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MeCycle partners with an amazing design and development team at FIVE.  

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We will be adding more markets soon. 

Give us your email so we can let you know when we do.

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