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Recycling Technology

It's pretty clear that technology is changing every single industry. In the past 15 years, we've come to grow accustom that there is an "app" for almost everything that we engage with daily. Managing your money? Tracking your fitness? Finding a date? Planning a wedding? The answer is always - yep, there is an app for that. So why is there no app to help you with recycling. To give you an incentive to recycle. That will help you know what to recycle, where to recycle it and how you are doing against your peers?

Well - right now, there is no app for that which is why we are hard a work building MeCycle. An app that will give you an incentive to recycle, help you navigate how to recycle tailored to your local community and let you know how you are doing on your recycling efforts.

Because when we get better at recycling we divert those materials from our landfills and oceans. Where they (if the materials are plastic and aluminum) practically never decompose. They end up leeching into our water supply, get consumed by wildlife that mistake them for food and even sometimes get burned releasing chemicals into the air that we breath. We can do better than this. Technology can make a dramatic difference.

So - as we're building the app for that - we would love to hear from you to know what you would like. What would make your recycling efforts easier?

You and the power of technology can build a much brighter recycling future. Let's make the app for that.

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